Keeping A Missing Voter’s ID Card For More Than 7 Days Is An Offence

An Electoral Commission Official verifying a voter (image: Peter Lewenstein/BBC)

There are so many laws in the country and everyday we hear about a new one.

What we just learned and we want to share with you is something that has to do with an offence relating to missing voter ID cards.

You know how people find missing ID cards these days and post it on social media, hopefully to track down its owner.

Apparently you might be breaking the law to some extent.

According to the Ghana Police Service, if you find a missing Voter ID card you are supposed to surrender it to either the Electoral Commission or the Police within 7 days.

If you keep it after 7 days, then you’re breaking the law… yep!

Supposing you post it on social media and after 7 days you still have it in your possession, you could be prosecuted.

Just send it to the police station as soon as you find it and let them do the tracking down.


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