Here’s How To Determine If Your Honey Is Pure

Honey is a better alternative to sugar since it’s made by nature and contains abundant nutrients, living enzymes, and minerals. One of the main issues with honey is differentiating between pure organic honey which contains all the nutrients you need and adulterated honey. Here are the ways to determine if the honey you have is pure.

1. Water test

Take a glass of water and a teaspoon of honey, just drop the honey into the glass of water. If the honey gets dissolved in the water then it is adulterated because pure honey has a dense texture and it will settle right at the bottom of the glass and does not dissolve.

2. Paper test

Take a paper towel or a napkin and place some drops of honey sample to test its purity. The honey will remain solid and does not get absorbed if it is pure or else it will get absorbed and wet the paper.

3. Heat test

Take a few samples of honey and heat the honey, the pure honey will caramelize and does not foam. While the impure honey may not caramelize.

4. Thumb test

Take a few drops of honey on your thumb and see to it that if it spreads around your thumb like any other liquid. If it happens, then it may be not pure. Pure honey has good density and stickiness so when applied to any surface it does not drip or run away.

5. Bread test

Take the honey sample and spread it on a slice of bread. If the honey is in a pure form then it will become crispy or crunchy on the top of the bread slice within a few minutes. If the honey is impure then it will make the bread soggy because of additives.


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