Double Protest Hits Social Media As #EndSARS And #ShutItAllDown Trend

#EndSARS in Nigeria and #ShutItAllDown in Namibia

Online protests have become one of the best ways for people to register their displeasure at certain occurrences and in the process, call for change or solution to the issues.

One of the biggest online protests happened this year with the Black Lives Matter campaign following the death of George Floyd.

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was used to propagate the call for an end to racial injustice in the world.

Another issue that has come up recently and has sparked protests on social media is police brutality in Nigeria, and Nigerians have been protesting and demanding their government to ban all activities of a unit of the Nigerian Police known as Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The hashtag #EndSARS is being used for the protests against police brutality in Nigeria.

While Nigerians are protesting against police brutality in their country, women in Namibia are also protesting against Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) and Femicide with the hashtag #ShutItAllDown.

In Namibia, young people, especially women, have been marching and protesting against rising cases of SGBV, after police found a body believed to be of a woman (identified as Shannon Wasserfall) who went missing in April 2020.

In light of this, Nigerians who are protesting to end SARS in their country are now lending their voice to women in Namibia by tweeting with both hashtags #EndSARS and #ShutItAllDown to create more awareness of the issues happening in the two African countries.

Here are some tweets addressing the issues of SARS in Nigeria and SGBV in Nambia:

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  1. Comment:i pray the day this ending SARS go hear word and we speaking for our self is wrigth when the government are keeping quiet may allah help us amin and oure fallow youth


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