What You Need To Know In Business: The Global Impact Of Billionaires

photo credit: CNBC
photo credit: CNBC

Billionaires are people. They are very significant people; because they have influence over the economic—and the social climate of the world. This means that, they—other than governments, decide the trends that shape the future of humanity. And to them, it’s sometimes just a business decision.

Elon Musk Quote

Elon Musk (networth: 93.7 billion USD) is one eccentric, whose name keeps coming up because of his grand ideas and his inability to conform to the confines of the societal limitations placed on billionaires. His latest ventures in sending people to space and implanting chips in the brains of humans prove the man’s ambitions are beyond most.

Jeff Bezos Quote

Jeff Bezos (networth: 175.3 billion USD) is a more methodical character, whose singular focus on catering to the digital human’s virtual impulse to buy has made him successful without modern precedent. I mean, he could still treat his factory workers better.

Bill Gates Quote

Bill Gates’ (networth: 114.7 billion USD) is a long-standing name that stays on the tongues of early 21st century global citizens. His impact is significant both in the areas of basic humanity and raising global climate consciousness.

Aliko Dangote Quote

Aliko Dangote (networth: 8.1 billion USD) is one member of the pantheon representing Africa on the global billionaire ranking. In West Africa, he is celebrated through music, art and social media as a pop-culture symbol of African aspirations.

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