Instagram Makes Reels Audio More Like TikTok


Instagram is upgrading the audio features in Reels, and making it little more like TikTok. The app added three new features that make it easier for users to share and save audio clips. The updates include: a new audio browser that highlights songs that are trending in the app as well as personalized recommendations, the ability to save audio for later use, and the ability to share audio pages in direct messages.


One of the main complaints users have had about Reels is that the audio features are a lot clunkier than TikTok’s, which makes it incredibly easy for anyone to grab sound from another user’s video and spin it into their own creation. While Reels also allows its users to do this, there wasn’t a good way to keep track of sounds in the app — a key feature of TikTok.

With the latest updates though, Reels creators will be more easily able to identify songs and clips that are trending and bookmark them within Instagram. Saving a sound from Reels means you can refer back to the audio page, which aggregates all the Reels that use the same sound into one page, at any time. And making those audio pages shareable could also help other users gain inspiration for their own creations.

Source: Engadget

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