5 Things People Who Are Broke Are Tired Of Hearing

If for some reason you’re almost always broke, kindly gather around so we start a support group😹😹.

Unless you inherited a ton of money, you’ve probably had to struggle to pay the bills – you’ve probably have had to get a side job to help with your bills and to help you save, you’ve probably had to eat less to cut down cost at one point in your life or you’ve probably had to skimp on medication or doctors’ visits.

Long and short of it is that, we’ve all been broke at some point in our lives or even currently broke and in that period, there were things people constantly said that were and still are very annoying. Here are some of them.

1. Money can’t buy happiness

The food I want to get from a particular restaurant I want to eat from sounds like happiness to me. The car I want to get to help transport me from point A to B without me hustling for Trotro sounds like happiness. Me being able to pay my loans and other debts sounds like happiness to me so excuse me with your motivational speech.

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