5 Adulting Troubles We All Wish We Were Warned About

Adulting is so much work. There’s never enough time to do what you need to do. You always have to be on the constant move otherwise you’ll not make any money. There’s always one issue or another to solve which requires your presence or your money. Adulting is a scam and nobody prepared us for it. Here are 5 adulting issues nobody prepared us for.

1. You have to save money because everything you own will break eventually

Think about it. Nothing was made to last forever and when they break or spoil, you’ll need to fix them… with money… that you don’t even have.

2. Anxiety and Depression is the order of the day

There’s always something triggering these things and you have to constantly pull yourself out of these times because time no dey but this only makes things worse. You can’t mess up; it will affect you and your income.

3. Watching your weight

In fact, your whole health becomes more precious because there’s no money for hospital issues so you try as much as possible to eat right and exercise so your body is on the right track.

4. How draining work is

Whether you have to deal with working at a 9-5 or you’re an entrepreneur (even worse), work is draining. And to think that the rest of your life has to be spent doing this is just something else. In some jobs there’s really no time to rest as you even work over the weekends and holidays as well but the bills have to be paid right?

5. Relationships require work

With all the things happening in your life as an adult, you need to also make sure that your relationship is healthy with constant communication and being there for each other; even when there’s no time.

What other issue did I forget to bring up? Let me know in the comments section.

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