Australian High Commissioner Gregory Andrews Enjoys First Fufu Dish; Apologizes For Using His Left Hand

Gregory Andrews eating fufu

Fufu, bushmeat and some hot light soup is goals everyday, anywhere, anytime.

Now, the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews, can testify to this though he ate it with his left hand. This was not him being disrespectful, he apologized that he made the mistake because he is left-handed.

Gregory recently enjoyed the Ghanaian delicacy on his current trip to Sunyani as part of his tour of parts of Ghana to inspect Australian Aid projects and learn more about gender equity, human rights and sustainable development issues in the country.

Though we suspected that he’d enjoy fufu in Kumasi, it was Sunyani that he got the honor.

“Thanks to my new friend Safura in Sunyani, I had my first bushmeat and first homemade-fufu all in one day!” he posted on Facebook.

The bushmeat he enjoined was grasscutter.

“In Indigenous Australia we call bushmeat ‘bush tucker’,” he shared before telling us something that made us make the WTF face.

“My favourite bush tucker is python eggs. The python eggs are traditionally cooked inside the python. We eat the python meat too, but I only like the eggs. Python meat is a bit too stringy because it’s all rib cage,” he said.

Python egg? Y’all will be willing to eat that?


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