7 Ways To Steal Your Bro’s Mom From Him

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There are a lot of different levels of friendship. However, one of the things that makes you know that you and someone are bros for life, is how tight you are with their mom. At that point, friendships evolve into something more family-like. So, here are some tips to speed up that process.

1. Dress Reasonably Around Her

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If you have piercings, a tattoo or you still believe “Otofista” is fashionable, you’re already off to a bad start. All that the mom is going to be thinking is that you are going to be a bad influence for her son. So you want to dress appropriately.

2. Talk In Your Local Language

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The fastest way to form bonds with people is to speak in a local dialect with them. Generally, speaking in a local dialect is more comfortable, less pretentious and allows people to let their guards down a bit. Basically, all pluses for you.

3. Help With House Chores

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Ghanaian mothers get high on people offering or actually doing chores in their house. Do this, and you’ll create an impression that can’t be undone easily.

4. Scold Her Son

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One of the best ways to bond with a friend’s mom is to scold that son together. For example, whenever you hear her angry and blasting her son, you can just chime like, “Oh, Kofi, I’ve been telling you about this thing. You really need to stop.” You get it? Something around those lines.


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