Twitter Feminists Celebrate After Davido Fired His Artiste For Beating His Girlfriend

A black feminist

Yesterday, Davido and his Davido Music Worldwide Limited music label took a bold step against domestic violence.

The artiste’s record label immediately terminated the contract of one of Nigeria’s rising stars Lil Frosh for reportedly beating his girlfriend of one year, Gift Cammille.

Davido terminated his contract because his label does not “condone domestic violence and stand with all victims of domestic violence.”

Since Davido posted the statement on his Twitter account, many have commended him for taking such a swift action.

However, some have also given credit to the feminists who have always campaigned on social media for the society to do more to end domestic violence.

They see this action by Davido as a win for them and their hard work.

Whether social media feminists are to be given credit for this DMW action or not, one thing is clear, the society is learning from past mistakes and people are trying their best to be better.

However, there are still instances where domestic violence and sexual harassment apologists are being empowered to act.

Even instances of withdrawing cases from the court to settle it home, and family members of the culprits begging and expecting forgiveness from the victim and their family are still pushing back on some of the gains.

There is still more work to be done in the fight against domestic violence and sexual harassment.

Yes, the Davido action sends a message but whether it will be heard is also another issue.


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