Here’s How To Prevent The Sticky White Residue After Applying Lipgloss

Even in these Corona times where we are all wearing nose masks, some of us still rock our lipglosses like it’s nobody’s business, which proves that we really do makeup for ourselves and no one else.

If lipgloss is your cup of tea, there’s a chance that you’ve experienced the white residue on the inside of your lip, just where both lips meet before.

Here are some of the reasons why this happens.

1. You haven’t exfoliated your lips

You don’t exfoliate your lips enough to get that dead skin that’s accumulating out and when mixed with the formula of the lip products, it can create the nasty white build up.

2. You’ve used too much gloss

The excess gloss is what you see sometimes on your lip line so you need to try and keep your application of gloss to a minimum.

3. You’re using different products that don’t work well together

This can cause the products to look gummy especially around the lip line area.

4. You’re using expired lip products

The actual lip product itself is expired and the moisture ingredients have gone astray leaving your lipstick rather gooey . Make sure to keep your cosmetics up to date and be sure to wipe them clean after each use


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featured image via Shannon Jones on Pinterest


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