8 Fashion Problems Women Face That Men Won’t Understand

Women always have to constantly go through various fashion hoops to look as good as they do when they step out which is why we want men to tell us how beautiful we look when we step out because after all the suffering and the work we put into looking good, we must be appreciated. Can I get an “Amen”?! 😹😹

I’ve gathered some of the frustrating fashion and beauty problems we deal with regularly below.

1. Struggling to conceal your bra

At first, it was the issue of trying to hide straps especially in tank tops then smart people thought about crisscrossing them. Then others brought strapless and backless bras which just stuck to your boobs but even with those ones you can never hide the fact that you’re wearing them because the shape and pattern of the bra is drawn in the outfit.

2. Struggling to wear a top over your face with makeup

If you wear your outfit before applying makeup, there’s a chance that some of the makeup will fall on the dress and you also don’t want the outfit rumpled so the only option left is to wear the outfit over your face in makeup which isn’t an easy task and may even require the help of other people.

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