6 Nadia Buari Moments That Prove She’s 100% Pure Good Vibes

Nadia Buari

Stop whatever you’re doing and stan Nadia Buari. This woman gave us one of the most era defining Ghanaian movies of all time. And of course, that is Beyonce: The President’s Daughter.

That’s the iconic movie in which she starred alongside other all-star Ghanaian actors of the time. You’ll still get goosebumps watching those performances today.

Anyway, these days Nadia Buari takes care of her four kids and occasionally, she goofs around on social media. Today, being Wednesday and all, you know—the day of women crushes, we’ve decided to stan Nadia Buari.

So, let’s take a look at some of her social media antics that prove that she is all good vibes.

She’s Ever Inspirational

You’ve Got To Love Someone Who Can Take A Joke

LMAO. This Is Hilarious. Also Very Offensive.

What? Vibes. That’s What!

Does Your WCW Have Moves Like This? Huh?

This Probably Wasn’t Directed At Me Specifically. I Don’t Care. I Don’t Care. Nadia Buari Loves Me And That’s Going On My CV.

Thankfully, we got through that article without using the “m” word. What are some of your favourite Nadia Buari memories? What are some of your favourite Nadia Buari movies? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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