Tips To Consider Before Applying For The US Diversity Visa Lottery

A black woman boarding a flight

One of the painful things to do is to apply for something you desperate want and get denied.

It hits your soul differently… guys..

Especially when that which you desperately wanted was to be selected for the US Diversity Visa Lottery. The worst part is, when you apply this year, you have to wait till next year before you know whether you won or lost if you lost, then you have to wait months before you can start the process again.

To ensure that you win the visa lottery, you must make sure that you meet a certain criteria before you get your hopes up.

So before you start your application for this year’s visa lottery, you need to:

First, make sure that you can prove that you are a Ghanaian. This is essential because not all countries are part of the Visa lottery. Though Ghana is part you need to have documentation to prove that you are a Ghanaian – a birth certificate or passport will do.

Next, you need at least a high school education to meet the basic requirement.

You need to take a recent photo and use that for application and ensure that you provide valid information about your traveling passport.

Last but not the least, make sure you apply only once per year. If you apply more than once, it will not increase your chances of winning, actually it will lead to your all your applications being denied.

So look sharp – the application portal opens tomorrow (October 7) and it will close on November 10.


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