Adisadel Fights To Secure A Spot On #NSMQ2020 Finale With A Dramatic Semifinal Contest

Adisadel NSMQ contestants hugging after their dramatic win

The second semi-final contest of the 2020 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) was filled with drama at every turn.

The Cape Coast based school, Adisadel College fought hard to secure their place in the final of the NSMQ.

Though the contest got off on a good start with Keta taking the first round with a two-point lead and Adisadel trailing with 10 points, it quickly became quite disappointing.

The second round saw Adisadel picking up more points, while other schools dropped point or even failed to pick up new points.

By the end of the fourth round, the schools were dropping points left right and centre.

Adisadel, who was leading the board at the time had 18 points. When Opoku Ware won the earlier contest, they had about 55 points at the end of the fourth round.

With the points so close, it had come right down to the last riddle. Whoever picked it up or got it wrong to face a penalty determined who won the contest.

It was Adisadel who got the better of the other two schools, Keta SHS and Achimota School to win the contest.

In the end, Adisadel won the semifinal contest by just one point with 21 points in total. Achimota followed with 20 points and Keta was third with 17 points.


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