6 Very Common Things That Are Okay To “Steal”

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These have been stolen so often and so many times, it’s become normalized!

Side note…you are all going to hell if you know you have stolen any of these ever!


Hoodies are meant to be stolen if they belong to your boyfriend. Hoodies, T Shirts, sweatshirts…take them all!

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Coins never really belong to one person right? They are for everyone…right? You need credits? Fish around your mum’s bag for some coins. Want to buy something from the shop in your hood? Go hunting in your room for some loose change.

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Yeah…this is corny af but you get what we are trying to say right?

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The instruments in a mathset

Did anyone ever graduate school with the same instruments in the mathset they started school with?

Oxford Set of Mathematical Instruments - Wikipedia
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This is for the senior high school students who lived in boarding houses. When the taps stop flowing or you were too lazy to go fetch water, someone’s sponge in a bucket full of water never stopped you.

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Does anyone know how much they even cost?

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Ps: this article is in no way condoning stealing.

Don’t steal. It’s bad.

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