These Aren’t Excuses But Here Are Some Reasons Why Partners Cheat

relationship cheat

I believe infidelity is one of the worst things that can happen in a relationship. It throws you into a vicious cycle of toxic thoughts and endless comparisons. It makes you question yourself and can cause you to lose your self esteem.

What you need to realise is that there’s always an underlying reason why your partner cheated (apart from the fact that they’re wicked people who don’t deserve you and your tears). Here are some of them. These points aren’t us giving the cheaters excuses. We just want you to understand that, some situations that happened are probably what caused your partner to cheat.

1. Neglect

Once your partner doesn’t get the attention they need, they may start looking for that attention elsewhere. Once this continues, they get attached to the other person emotionally even before the physical cheating.

2. Lack of love

Lack of love is a powerful motivation for a lot of people. If there’s no love, your partner doesn’t have any emotional commitment to you anymore and may even get past feeling bad about cheating. It becomes worse when you know about the lack of love and cheating and you still decide to remain in the relationship. It starts to feel like their right to go ahead and cheat because they truly aren’t getting any emotional fulfillment out of the relationship.

3. Low Commitment

This is especially in the relationships which haven’t really been defined. You aren’t sure if you’re exclusive or you can be with other people and then when you go do something else with someone, it’s termed cheating.

4. Anger

In this scenario, cheating is used as a revenge weapon to get even with their partners. The knowledge that the other person is being punished without realizing is for some people a cruel and unusual way of punishing them.

5. They want to leave but they can’t tell you

This truly is a cowardly way of doing things. They want to end things with you but they don’t want to be the ones to do it so they go ahead and cheat and make sure you find out so you can let them off the hook.

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