Quiz: How “Akata” Is Your Fashion Sense?

Kumerica Akata
Kumericans in their akata style via Twitter//legend_pappi

Choose a fashion brand

via Pinterest

Pick another fashion brand

Tyga image via Pause Online

Which sneaker brand would you rock?

Instagram//King Promise

What slides would you like to wear?

Adidas via Refinery29

Which sunglasses brand are you wearing on a day out?


Choose a fashion icon (male)

Instagram//Okyeame Kwame

Choose a fashion icon (female)

Nana Akua Addo//Chocolate Shot It

70% to 100%

Kumerican Rappers (Ghana Drill)

Santamerica miami fuor nyinaaa y3 wo blood niggas!!!
40% to 65%

You like to look good but sometimes, you snap and go all out to show people that you have ARRIVED!
0% - 35%

Your sense of fashion is very dbee. Noone can really tell you are wearing an expensive brand until they google...you like to keep it stylish and simple.


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