Here’s Why You Need A LinkedIn Profile, As An Artiste

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​As a musician, there is no harm in giving LinkedIn a shot. You probably already have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Triller, TikTok and are maintaining a presence on each of them and you’re wondering why LinkedIn should even be an option.

LinkedIn isn’t just for corporate buffs and if you are an artist with an interest in working in the industry not just as an artiste, joining LinkedIn is not a bad idea at all.

Here’s why:


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​The importance of being well connected in the music industry can’t be overemphasized. Most of your musician friends won’t have LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean that nobody does.

Studio owners, managers, agents, sound engineers, photographers, graphic designers, website designers, and more, probably do have LinkedIn.

As an artiste, you’ll need these people at various stages of your career. Remember, people are more inclined to accept a LinkedIn request from somebody they don’t know as opposed to a Facebook request, simply because the platform is used to connect people with clients.


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​We all know phone numbers, jobs, and email addresses change. LinkedIn is immune to these changes, so as years go by, it can be a good place to maintain contact with your business relationships.


​This is one of my favourite uses of LinkedIn. Sometimes, I need to do some digging on someone difficult to reach in the industry, often because I am considering working with them. People usually post their major accomplishments and jobs on LinkedIn, so you can get a general sense of what someone is all about.

Some freelancers will have their portfolio there for your perusal, and that can be convenient as well. 

Now, how would you know if there are openings in the corporate world for you as a musician if not for LinkedIn?

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​If you meet somebody at a music conference or an event, heard of some curator or a top executive in a prospective label or top company, it can sometimes be hard to connect with them afterwards.

That’s when LinkedIn comes in.

They almost always probably have a LinkedIn profile where you can easily track them down and honestly, based on experience, they’d definitely be more receptive there unlike Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

People who are hard to connect with in real life, but easy to connect with on LinkedIn include journalists, bloggers, industry leaders and people working in any position in the industry etc.

So… what are you waiting for? Create that account and look forward to my posts on how to optimise your profile.

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