Davido Screams He Can Buy Bloombar 10 Times After One Of His Guys Was Bounced

Davido (Image via Billboard.com)

Now, every club-goer in Ghana knows that if you want to go to Bloombar you have to pray to your gods that the bouncers will look favorably on you.

Getting into Bloombar is one of the most daunting tasks for club-goers.

There is a dress code which is arbitrarily enforced by the bouncers. You can be looking your best but you can never tell if you can get into Bloombar.

One of the guys who hang out with Nigerian musician Davido had to learn that the hard way last night.

The music star who is in the country on business went to the club to have some fun.

However, the Bloombar bouncers “who like to play God” did not allow one of his guys to enter the club.

That frustrated Davido who ended up causing a scene and attracting others who were near the venue.

In a video, which Kuulpeeps.com has shared on Instagram show the Nigerian star lashing out as he screams that he can buy the club 10 times.

Even Davido had to experience what its like to be bounced or have one of your friends bounced by the all powerful Bloombar bouncers.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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