Your Wedding Playlist Would Be Incomplete Without These Top 10 Ghanaian Songs

Ghanaian Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Ghanaian weddings are joyous celebrations which basically means, time to jam!😹 But all jokes aside, there isn’t any wedding you’ll attend that you would get bored; well the church part sometimes but the engagement and reception is always entertaining because they involve MCs who are really good at what they do.

One of the people we also need to thank are the wedding DJs who entertain us all the time. If there’s a lull at the event, they swoop in to save it with entertainment.

They are always up-to-date with their music and have all the latest releases especially the viral ones and they usually start playing them at the reception.

We took the liberty to gather 10 songs which are currently played at Ghanaian weddings. Check it out.


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featured image via @jema_photography on Instagram


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