VIDEO: Stephanie Benson Shares Her Personal Breast Cancer Fight With The World

Stephanie Benson

Breast cancer, the most common cancer worldwide, is said to be the leading cause of cancer mortality in Ghanaian women.

Mostly because most cases of breast cancer are not detected early which means that when it is diagnosed, the cancer might be too advanced to save the patient.

That is why health experts promote the early detection of breast cancer for a swift medical treatment before it festers.

Someone, who is a testemant to that is the Ghanaian musician with the larger than life attitude, Stephanie Benson.

In a revealing music video, Stephanie shared her own fight with breast cancer and pushed for early detection as it has saved her own life.

Thanks to early detection, Stephanie had a life saving surgery on one of her breasts buying her more time to enjoy the beautiful life with her family and friends.

In a music video shared on her YouTube, Stephanie invited us into her personal struggle by showing us the aftermath of her breast cancer surgery.

You can see the video below:

Early detection saves lives…


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