Actress Reese Witherspoon Chooses Ghanaian Book “His Only Wife” For Her Bookclub

Reese Witherspoon holding her October Bookclub selection "His Only Wife"

Ghanaian authors are gradually getting the recognition we have always known that they deserved.

That recognition is ensuring that their works are going to places they traditionally would not go or have never been before.

Award-winning Hollywood actress, Reese Witherspoon, has chosen a Ghanaian book for her global bookclub.

Each month, she shares one of her favorite books that have women at the centre. She then shares the selection with her 1.8 million bookclubs fans worldwide.

For October, Reese chose a book from the Ghanaian author, Peace Adzo Medie, titled “His Only Wife.”

The book centers on Afi, a woman who wants a better life for her and her mother. However, she is married off at a young age to a mysterious man.

Her life struggles lead her to on a path of self-discovery, love, her voice and her independence. 

Congrats to Peace for setting on the road to reaching a larger global audience.


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