4 Things To Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

If you want to change your look, one of the things you’ll definitely consider is dyeing your hair. It is when you go ahead and do it that you would realise it’s more harmful than you thought and you would need to give your hair extra love and care to help it grow better. Here are some things to consider before dyeing your hair.

1. It can cause hair breakages

Harsh chemicals in permanent dyes can make hair brittle and more breakable, especially over time. The chemicals used are damaging your hair as they strip it of it’s natural color and texture. Your colored hair will distract you from your damaged strands but you’ll notice it soon enough.

2. You need special hair products

Your dyed hair has gone through damage and so to help maintain it, you need special products made for dyed hair and these do not come cheap.

3. You need to give your hair twice the attention

Even with the normal hair colour, you didn’t have enough time for your hair how much more now that it’s dyed? Your hair needs twice the moisture now that it’s been damaged. You need to deep condition it twice as often. Do protein treatments and constantly moisturize it.

4. It’s Expensive

If you want a good dye job to be done, best believe it will be expensive. If you go and get just anything done, it could make the damage unbearable and you’ll lose your hair. Apart from that, the colour of the dye will fade after a while and you’ll have to go back to re-dye it.

Now that you’ve considered these points, what’s it going to be? Dye or No Dye? Let us know in the comments section.

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