Thinking Of Ending Your Relationship? These Are 5 Things To Consider Before ‘The Talk’

cheat Shot of a young couple having relationship problems at home

Relationships can be tough especially because as a human, you are bound to be flawed and both of you will get on each other’s nerves.

Sometimes you even toy with the idea of ending your relationship just because and move on with life but before you do so, here are some points to consider.

NB: You should be in a quiet place in order to hear yourself think. Put off all electrical gadgets and really open yourself up so you can get the right answers needed to make your decision.

1. How do they make you feel about yourself?

Do they make you feel like a failure? Do they make you feel like you’ll never measure up? Or do they make you feel confident and good about yourself? If your answer is the first 2 then… you know what to do.

2. Are both of you putting equal efforts in the relationship?

Are you the only one pulling weights in the relationship? Does it feel like you’re the only one who cares about the relationship? Are you always the only one doing the checking up? The calling? You know what you have to do.

3. Can they change?

You’ve dated them for a while so you know somethings they can do and others they can’t or won’t do. Do you genuinely think they’ll change for you? If you’ve been asking for a while and they still haven’t done anything about it then you know your answer already.

4. Do you trust them?

If you’re in a relationship without trust then you should end it because there’s no point. Your partner should be trustworthy. If you’re constantly questioning yourself about their actions and thinking about what they’re doing then you’re killing yourself slowly and it’s not worth it.

5. What does your future look like with this partner?

Do you think you’ll be happy with them? Do you even think both of you will have a future? Healthy relationships should help both of you grow together and make both of you feel like you have a solid thing going on.

6. Do they abuse you?

Any form of abuse is unacceptable be it physical or emotional. If this is the order of the day in your relationship, you need to run as far away as possible! Confide in a trustworthy person about it and get the help you need to leave this partner of yours.

If you answered at least 3 of these points negatively, then you know that you can go ahead and end the relationship. It will hurt but it needs to be done.


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