The Road Less Travelled: Gidochi’s Musical Journey

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There are many paths to choose in life to end up being successful, but a guaranteed path to success remains a mystery. That is why it is important to appreciate every path you find yourself.

M. Scott Peck opined in his book ‘The Road Less Travelled’ that “Having a better life starts with practising self-discipline and developing the habit of delayed gratification.”

Could this be the road for singer & songwriter Gidochi?

Gidochi Crowned Winner Of Nescafé One Song Challenge -
Gidochi image via social media

Gidochi, known in real life as Gideon Alabi, is a young and talented artist from Ghana known for his great songwriting skills and soothing vocals. He is signed to Supernova records…a music label based in Ghana and was recently crowned the winner of the Néscafe One Song-Ghana contest organised by Néscafe group, that provides a platform for upcoming musicians to create and send messages of positivity by writing their own inspirational lyrics.

Barely 2 years in the music scene, he has earned the support and endorsement from senior musicians and BET award winners Sarkodie and Stonebwoy. This is a great feat enjoyed by few young artists who desire to have a record with these prominent artistes.

Gidochi Crowned Winner Of Nescafé One Song Challenge -
Gidochie image via MuseAfrica

He currently has only 2 official singles to his credit but has been rated as one of the best male vocalists in Ghana. Prior to the release of his debut single ‘With You’ he was featured on a single titled ‘FaMaMe’ by Jetey, which later had Rap heavyweight, Sarkodie, on the remix. Gidochi’s verse on the song expressed in a Ghanaian dialect (Ga), was short but stood out.

His effort on ‘High with me’ featuring Dancehall star, Stonebwoy was so amazing. His delivery was top-notch, and he owned the song as he should.

Not long ago Sarkodie posted a video of himself on his Instagram page, dancing to an unreleased song that features Gidochi. The short video has gained traction due to the vocals delivered by Gidochi.

At this point, there’s no doubt that the young man is on a mission. His focus and bearings to music in this short time has been very exciting. Maintaining his balance on the music road will even make it more exciting.

Most people do not have the patience to gradually achieve musical success. It’s a road only focused artists will embark on.
With his patience in the music industry, it is easy to say his road to success could be very near.

At the moment, rumour has it that Gidochi is working on a project… reason for his long silence. We are looking forward to hearing from him again but in the meantime, enjoy his song with Stonebwoy below.

Written by Donkweitsu


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