Up Your Kissing Game With These Tips If You Are A First Timer.

Kissing is an intimate and sensitive subject. As lovely as it could be, one wrong step and it’s a total nightmare. That makes it very important to get it very right the first time. When the first kiss is good, it sends good vibes and it gives you just about a big kissing passbook for all future kisses. Since we now know how important the first kiss is, these tips will get you at least 9/10 rating on your first kiss.

Don’t rush it.

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Apart from this phrase being a basic life tip, it’s the saviour of almost every situation. Rushing the first kiss can be the end of almost everything. You need to get everything right the moment, the place and even the mental state of the person you are about to kiss. If you jump over any of these things, my friend it’s a total mess.

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