Dee Moneey Pays Touching Tribute To His Late Father

Dee Moneey and his father (image via Instagram/iamdeemoneey)

Dee Moneey has honoured his father who just passed away, with a touching tribute.

The rapper did not indicate when his father died, but in a lengthy post on Instagram, he revealed how influential his dad was in his life.

Dee Moneey described his late father as his “twin, biggest boss, and the hardest man he knows that has ever lived.”

He also stated that his dad taught him to be brave and how to take risks.

“You showed me to be a man of my word to be principled… how to stay humble and not mix up with negativity and when to walk away from a situation,” he added.

Dee Moneey continues the tribute by saying:

“You told me never to put my hands on what’s not mine you showed me to stay content with what I have as life isn’t a race but a journey, never envy the next man. You named your businesses after me, Growing up as stubborn as i was I still tried my best to stay grounded so I don’t embarrass your decisions on me.”

“You supported me in everything right or wrong except music ‘well after I blew up you gave me your blessings’.”

“A true leader by many nicknames, CHAIRMAN, Godfather, Omanhene, GANGSTA, Joe Kakalika etc. Efo MAWUMO you left us with your hands in my palm as you took that last breath I froze. I won’t forget the PEACE lessons you told me.”

“Dad you paralysed me I’m left with your smiles your commanding voice still rings in my head. We’re all proud of you, All of us, you took care of everyone that came to you both from your side & moms YOU TREATED ALL EQUALLY.”

“DADDY! I love you & you’re the strongest man I know WHAT A GUY! and if you know him you know exactly what mean. I can’t put everything in this caption words are just not enough fare well daddy and I know you’d watch over us I’ll NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU TOLD ME. Mom is staying strong for you.”

“MAWUMO… Mawu yerawo eno onuagb3 nui” Akpe nawo sia…Akpe from your little boy Mawunyo daddy Rest in ultimate Peace !!! GODFATHER,” he concluded.


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