The Content Creators And 4 Other Types Of People You Meet At The Beach

The beach will forever be one of my favourite places. Watching the waves and just relaxing is a calming activity that I think everyone should get on. While at the beach observing whatever that’s happening, you’ll definitely meet these 5 people.

1. The Content Creators

image via Whitney Redd on Pinterest

They’ll probably even come to you so you take images of them. From the moment they stepped foot on the beach, they’ve been making videos and taking numerous pictures; making sure they have the right angles and the pictures they’re taking are Instagram-worthy.

2. The over-prepared family

Image via

If the beach allows drinks and food, they’ll come with ice chests full of food. If the beach won’t allow the food on the property, you’ll see them head to their cars when it’s time for them to eat and come back to chill. If the kids are a lot, the parents will be shouting instructions at them; “Don’t go here! Don’t go there! Come back!”

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