The Best Naija Soups To Eat With Eba

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You know the way you eat Gari every once in a while?

In Nigeria it’s a major side dish the way we have banku and fufu. The gari is made into eba and it’s eaten with some super amazing soups but…these are my Top 4 soups to eat with Nigerian eba!

Egusi Soup

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Nigeria’s egusi soup with eba is one of the most default option to try. The soup is eaten by most tribes and is basically soup thickened with egusi (ground melon seeds). It’s usually made with goat meat, beef and fish!

Afang Soup (Vegetable soup)

How to Make Afang Soup in 20minutes - Reterdeen
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This soup has a slightly bitter taste but that doesn’t make it unpleasant at all. It’s prepared with a combination of vegetables but…not your usual vegetables. These vegetables usually used are Afang leaves (Spinach leaves) and water leaves. They are cooked together and taste best with a variety of seafood and meat.

Ogbono Soup

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This traditional Igbo soup is made from ground ogbono seeds (English name Irvingia or wild/bush mango seeds). In cooking this meal, usually, the ground ogbono seeds are cooked with bitterleaf, palm oil and spices and of course, meat. Another thing about this soup is, it’s a little bit ‘slippery’ like okro.

Okro Soup

You guessed it. This is just like the Okro soup but honestly, i’d take the Naija soup any day and for one reason only. They do not play around when it comes to their meat at all. Often the Nigerians prepare their soup with ugu leaves (pumpkin leaves) and or bitterleaf as well and there is always the staple “ponmo” which we call wele in Ghana. If you wouldn’t try any soup at all, this one…for familiarity’s sake will make you happy.

Okro and Eba - OKRA SOUP RECIPES - Wives Connection | Okra soup recipe,  African recipes nigerian food, African cooking
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