Top 4 YouTube Playlists To Get You In Shape For Your Next Job!

Photo by Pikx By Panther from Pexels

There are a lot of resources on the internet that aim to help job seekers. However, when it comes to localized content—that is, content in the Ghanaian space, there are a few YouTube playlists that really stand out. So, let’s look at the top 4 YouTube playlists that will get you in the best job hunting shape of your life.

Ask The Expert—HR & Business Sessions – Africa Skills Hub

The first entry on our list is the Ask The Expert—HR & Business Sessions playlist by Africa Skills Hub. Each video in the playlist hosts an expert in the field of HR or entrepreneurship. And then the expert takes you through a session geared to help you develop some skills in those areas. Those areas being, a career path or an entrepreneurial one. Click here for the full playlist.

CV Convos – Circumspecte

Although this entry on our list is not technically a YouTube playlist, it is still an incredible resource for job seekers. The CV Convos series by Circumspecte on Instagram is hosted by Jemila Abdulai. And she’s an accomplished professional who is actively invested in the space of youth employment.

So in each of the CV Convos, Jemila hosts other people who are accomplished in their own careers. And, of course, who have very very impressive CVs. These people share their career journeys as well as CV tips that helped them land jobs in their respective fields.

You can find CV Convos in the IGTV section of the Circumspecte Instagram Page.

Career Success The “V” Way – Vacancies In Ghana

Next, we have Career Success The “V” Way. And Vacancies in Ghana is the name of the YouTube Channel that created the playlist. The selling point of Career Success The “V” Way, is that the videos are bite-sized and easy to consume. Each video only lasts about 3 minutes, while still being very informative. Click here for the entire Career Success playlist.

Job Hunt Preparation Series – Your HR Masterclass

Finally on our list, we have the Job Hunt Preparation Series. The series is hosted by Kwame Beny Smith, a seasoned HR experts, and it’s on the YourHRMasterclass YouTube channel. The series covers everything on the Job Hunt spectrum. So, videos include how to identify your own skill set, how to convey those skills through your CV, how to prepare for an interview, and where to find jobs. You can see the entire playlist here.

Now, go out there, flex your professional muscles and land that job!



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