‘Sorry I Slept’ and 5 Other Lies People Tell While Texting

You are part of the people we are talking about because I believe every single person has said 1 or all of these lies before. We all stretch the truth a little especially when texting because the person isn’t even there to see you so why not?😹

1. “I’ll be there soon”

Liars!😹😹 By now saf you’ve just woken up and you’re wondering how you’re going to brush your teeth, bath, eat and appear where you’re supposed to be in the next 20 minutes when the place is a 45 min drive away from you even without traffic.

2. “LOL”

The mother of all lies!😹😹 There’s levels to this laughing thing. Lol is usually used when we crack a smile or you don’t even find it funny but you need to show support so you sprinkle the “Lol” or “Loool” in the chat. You send “😂” when you actually laugh a little and “😹😹😹” or “💀 💀” is for laughing at something you aren’t exactly supposed to be laughing at.

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