PHOTOS: Barbara Tommey Laid To Rest In Florida

Barbara's casket

Over the weekend, Ghanaian Barbara Tommey was laid to rest in Orlando, Florida.

Barbara was murdered in front of her office by her estranged husband, Pastor Sylvester Ofori.

The funeral was attended by members of the Ghanaian community in Florida who paid their respects to Barbara who passed away in a tragic circumstance.

We reported earlier that the Ghanaian Ambassador to the United, States Dr. Barfuor Adje-Barwuah, was present at the memorial and burial ceremony to represent the government following the murder of the Ghanaian citizen by another Ghanaian citizen in America.

“Even with the brightness of the day, I feel rather cornered that in this room, I can only wish you a very cold morning because of what we are here for. Coming here is a little abnormal because it is not usual for the country and the president to be represented at every citizen’s funeral. However, it is the demonstrably un-Ghanaian way of Barbara’s exit that has made it necessary for me to be here today to register the condolences of the President and the 30 million citizens of Ghana,” the Ambassador sadly expressed.

Here are a few photos from the funeral:

Rest In Peace, Barbara.


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