Mfantsipim School NSMQ Contestants Trolled With A 3-Year-Old Typo

A tweet trolling Mfantsipim School
A tweet trolling Mfantsipim School

They are doing Mfantsipim School dirty on Twitter.

We told y’all that the trolling of Mfantsipim School after they were beaten by Kumasi Academy in the 1/8th stage contest of the 2020 National Science and Maths Quiz, will get messier.

…and it has.

Folks have now pulled up a screenshot of the board used to provide their answer for the Problem of The Day.

The photo is from three years ago, however, it has provided another rod the trolls are using to mock Mfanstipim.

They focused on the spelling of the name of the school – though all the letters are present, two of the letters have wrongly changed positions. Instead of “Mfantsipim School”, they wrote “Mfanstipim School” – note the positions of the “S” and the “T”.

Now, Twitter is taking this three-year-old typo to give Mfantsipim another lashing.

Whatever they do, these boys should avoid Social Media for the next 24 hours.


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