Ghanaian Men Can Never EVER Agree On These 4 Basic Things

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When Ghanaian men get together or meet somewhere, they can agree on everything under the sun: women are ‘trash’, the sky is blue, their team is wack, making money is important but… they can never ever agree on these:

Who is the boss?

It’s an endless cycle of “You be the boss!” “Oh Nahh you be the boss” anytime they meet.

Nobody ever wants to be “the boss.”

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Who has more girls?

No one ever wants to admit they “have girls.” They’re always throwing it back at each other!

Kofi: “Kwame get all the girls.” 

Kwame: “Me? Ebe you wey get all the girls.” 

Kofi: “Me! E be you get the girls.”

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Who is the finest?

They never want to accept they are the better looking guy.

“You dierr you be fine boy.”

“Me? who fine pass you.”

This usually leads the tennis ball exchange of who has got the most girls.

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Who has more money?

Yes, when two Ghanaian men meet, even if they’re both billionaires…even if one is obviously a broke man, no one would accept they have more money than the other.

“All the money dey your side.”

“E be you wey the money dey your side.”

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It’s exhausting.

I bet the day someone actually accepts instead of bouncing the compliment back, there will be a nuclear explosion somewhere.


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