Boyd’s “Boys With Broken Hearts” EP Is An Interesting R&B Ga Experience

Cover art for Boyd's Boys With Broken Hearts EP

Ga has always been such a strong and forceful language so I found it really interesting hearing it flow so beautifully on an R&B love project by young Ghanaian singer, Boyd.

True, Boyd will not be the first artiste to sing in Ga but on this project…it just felt different.

Probably influenced by R&B artistes like Usher, August Alsina and the one who will not be named (his name rhymes with jelly) among others, Boys With Broken Hearts follows the classic R&B style I grew up listening to.

Tracklist for Boyd’s Boys With Broken Hearts EP

In a 15-minute span of five songs, Boyd navigates through his feelings, seemingly taking us through his experience with love…from talking about being in love and catching feelings on Private Show and Feels to moaning about his broken heart on Lost. He practically goes through the common process of dealing with heartbreak by finally reaching the acceptance stage while reflecting on the relationship on Games.

“Thought we go dey but things dun change //Now you so high up off the ground l, don’t feel the same.”

On the last song, Your Side, I like to think Boyd has moved on. It’s also the only song with a feature from Nana Benyin. At first, while listening, I thought Boyd had just found a rebound because of the racy lyrics but …as he kept singing, it dawned on me that he was in love with someone else…again.

The undeniable cycle of love. 

Boyd told a relatable story for most people with this project and I loved how the listening experience was like a good novel or movie. The smooth flow of his voice, the way the EP starts slowly and builds up the tempo on each song and the Ga sprinkled between the lyrics makes this a joy to listen to.

Get the project on all platforms here: BWBH (Boys With Broken Hearts) EP and listen to my favourite off the EP, Feels here:


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