An Introduction To Stemah Dosh: The No Blue No Green Album

Photograph Of Stemah Dosh

Stemah Dosh is an up and coming hip-hop/rap and RnB artiste from Nigeria. His debut project, No Blue No Green, is how the rapper introduces his talent to the world. Although the album was initially meant as an 8-track release of randomly assembled bops, that perspective was changed during the making of the tape.

Stemah Dosh’s experience making the album inspired a change in depth and in the meaning behind the album. Basically, the struggles that the artiste went through—all the unforgettable moments—are captured in the album which is currently available on streaming platforms.

The Making Of The Project

Album Art For No Blue No Green Album

The The No Blue No Green tape was put together over the course of 2 years. And the project’s start came at the time when the artiste was still a student. Stemah studied in a foreign country for his first degree. And as a result of that, he lost some of the advantages he would have making a tape back home. The artiste had to cover production costs for every track on the album, missing out on deals he would have had back home.

And then to top it all off, there were the less than optimal recording conditions. Stemah remembers his laptop losing power so many times right in the middle of a recording session. In addition to that, there were also instances where the artiste had to record with a broken mic stand.

However, despite all of those experiences, Stemah persevered in order to create his vision.


Photograph Of Stemah Dosh

Osumah Osemen Stephen has always been a creative. However, before rap, his chosen form of creative expression was dance. Initially inclined more towards the Afrobeat sound, Stemah’s introduction to rap came when he wrote rap lines with friends in high school.

Then, that interest spiraled. Stemah quickly became a fan of hip-hop culture and the genre itself. He was inspired to create something of his own; to bring his raps to life. In October 2016, he released his first single, Imagination and received a lot of positive feedback. And then he released another song. And then another, until his efforts culminated into No Green No Blue.

You can stream No Green No Blue on Apple music.



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