5 Tom Hanks’ Movies You Should Definitely Check Out

Apart from him being my favourite movie actor since I was 12, Tom Hanks has a very unique pattern when it comes to his movies.

The age…. actor, has starred in several movies that have won a couple of Oscars and golden globes and yeah, he’s that good.

His type of movies are not really action nor top-class thrillers and certainly not the romance type, but they have a way of making sure once you start, you are definitely watching till the end.

1. Forest Gump, 1994

Amazon.com: Forrest Gump: Various, Various: Movies & TV

Forest Gump, a young man with a below-average I.Q, recounts the early years of his life. He played college football, fought in the Vietnam war, got invited to the White House a couple of times, but all he ever cared about was his childhood sweetheart, Jenny.

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