These Are The 5 Reasons Why Your Ex Keeps Texting You

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Depending on how both of you broke things off, there are different reasons why your ex is still texting you. Look through some of our reasons and compare them with your situation.

1. They still want to be friends

To be honest, it’s hard to tell if this is the truth or not but you know the person better than anyone else. Check the times they text you, check what they always talk about or try to bring up when chatting. If what they say is always innocent then you most probably have nothing to worry about.

2. They feel guilty

Maybe they’re the ones who said you should break up or they’re the ones who caused the breakup and so they feel guilty about hurting you. They’re texting you like nothing is wrong and acting like everything is still normal, meanwhile it’s not. They’re sending these texts so that their guilty conscience will be cleared.

3. They’re lonely

You’ve probably been dating for a while and the switch from chatting with one particular person all the time to not having to do anything with them is hard. They’re lonely and you’re sort of the only “friend” they have.

4. They want sex

This is one of the most disrespectful reasons and they will never admit it so you would have to be wise enough to understand the hidden meaning of the messages they send you. If you’re in a vulnerable position because of the breakup, you need to be extra careful. If your ex wants to have sex, it does not mean they want to get back together and having sex with them is not going to make them fall back in love with you.

5. They may actually want you back

A lot of people “come to their senses” when they break things off with their partners. Depending on how you both broke things off, you can reconsider getting back together. That is if you’ve thoroughly thought things through.


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