Plan For A Hit Song And We’d Tell You What Kind Of President You’d Be

image via Government of Ghana

What will your song most likely be about?

via Ghana Presidency

Which female artiste would you feature?

via YouTube

Who will be producing your song?

Everson Mayer from Pexels

Which rapper would you have on the song?

Kofi Mole VGMA 2020 VGMA 21

Who would you call for a flawless hook?

via La Familia video

Who are you calling for a remix?

via social media

Who is your international Naija feature?

via DNB stories

You are going to be so corrupt your citizens will beg you to stop spending their money
Be like you'd have sense small

There's no such thing as perfect but at least, you will try to fulfil some of your campaign promises...after spending some money.


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