If You’re A Struggling Skincare Enthusiast, Let Us Tell Your Story

Being obsessed with skincare has its own struggles on a daily basis and I think I can tell your story for you.

1. You used to think having a face towel to wash your face and applying Shea butter was all the care your face needed.

2. You started researching on skincare after your face started giving you issues (acne, hyperpigmentation etc) and you found a whole new world you never imagined.

3. You started following skincare “influencers” and Instagram shops that sell products just to fantasize about having the products because… no money😹😹


4. You when you see any influencer talking about skincare products

5. You keep asking others the secret to their skin and this is you when they say they “mind their businesses” and “drink plenty of water” 😒😒


6. When you finally put together a list of the products you need, you find out from Instagram shops that beauty is really expensive 😹😹


5. You after you get all the expensive products and they don’t work😹


6. You when you see your friends who have no skincare routine but their faces are very clear and smooth; no pimples in sight

Meme via kuulpeeps.com

7. But at least you still have Instagram and Snapchat filters so all hope isn’t lost😹

A meme is born: Former Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards guard Michael Jordan cries as he takes the podium during his enshrinement ceremony into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., on Sept. 11, 2009

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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