5 Simple Fashion Hacks Every Short Girl Should Know

Being short can be cute until it’s time to find the trends and pieces that work for your height.

Most petite women have shorter neck, shorter torso and shorter legs.  That means the petite clothes you wear play a critical role in improving your proportion and creating the illusion of height. 

Fortunately, there are strategic ways to shop for clothing that lengthens you so that you never have to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.

1. Try tucking tops into your skirts

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Wearing your top loose “cuts” your figure in half, making your torso look bulkier and longer while “shortening” your legs. It’s better to wear the top tucked into the skirt as this will highlight the waist, “lengthen” the legs, and generally make your figure more fragile and slender. Another option is to wear a cropped top and skirt set. (Source: brightside.me)

2. The best tops to have in your closets are…

Image via trunkclub.com

Light coloured tops: Play with lighter shades to make more of a style statement.

Three-quarter sleeves: Ironically, these can make your arms look longer than long sleeves can.

Off-shoulder tops: This style opens up space between your chest and neck for an elongating effect. (Source: trunkclub.com)

3. Try tailored layering

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A chic, well-tailored pantsuit looks good on any body type but especially on someone petite. A sleek blazer and suit pants are a great, dressier option for someone with shorter legs. (Source: whowhatwear.com)

4. Get a short flare skirt

Image of a short flare skirt via Pinterest

Flowing maxi skirts have the ability to drown short women, making them look particularly stout and stubby. Instead, every short woman should look for the exact opposite style: a flattering, short skirt that flares out from top to bottom. By starting at your small waist and falling wide above the knee, this style of skirt will make your legs appear extra lanky. (Source: cheatsheet.com)

5. Get smaller bags

Image via chloe.com

While large bags are very useful for practical purpose, they are not the best fashion choice for short women.  Big bags can dwarf the person that carries them.  Petite women should carry bags proportional to their sizes, i.e. small to medium size bags. (Source: blog.petitedressing.com)

We hope these tips help you out.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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