3 Kinds Of People You’ll Encounter In Every Class Whatsapp Group

Your class WhatsApp group has never been and will never be fun if you don’t have people like these in it. Like Damn you’re missing a lot of entertainment and suspense 😂. Here are the 3 kinds of people you’ll have to meet in a class WhatsApp group.


Sopranos: Junior Becomes New Boss GIF | Gfycat

These people err hmm, I think they’re the most hardworking people the world has ever seen. I stand to check, correct and ensure that there’s always peace and calm in the group. They always are like; “please let’s all try and respect ourselves and stop all these unnecessary arguments. Thank you.” Who the hell appointed you as admin?  And remember that even the admin of the group stands no chance of correcting them or telling them what and what not to do.

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