The Amazing Songs We Listened To In September

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Every Monday, I pick a song that’s way too good to not share with others and…share them with you!

If you have been following me, you can definitely agree that i have done nothing but put you on to good music and for that, you are welcome!

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If you are new to this or just looking for some really dope music, all through the month of September, these were the songs that had me very impressed!

It looks like in the three weeks that passed, the song suggestions have been some pretty wild songs. We kicked the month off with the talented young artiste, Kwame Yesu’s BAM. A hip-hop jam that should easily become a club favourite if not for the fact that…Ghana we dey.

Bosom also shocked me with his song, Nyinya which was quite different from his usual unique trap style. I haven’t been keenly following his music style so hearing this song was such a refreshing change for me and I was impressed with his delivery and everything!

I ended the month with the obvious Kumerican song, Yaw Tog’s Sore. I hope my excitement was obvious in the article because I cannot help but be proud of what these young rappers have achieved with Sore. Vic Mensa seems to be working on a remix and every day, more and more people outside of Africa are amazed at how there’s a whole Ghana Drill scene! It’s called Asakaa by the way!

Tap on the links to see my very brief thoughts on each song and why you should listen to them too! Hopefully, October will come with even more superb songs to suggest to all you music fans!


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