Rema Addresses Issues And People In A Massive Twitter Rant

Rema is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper (image via JustNaija)

Nigerian singer Rema has gone on a Twitter rant, addressing a number of issues and people including fellow musicians, his enemies, his fans, the Nigerian government and many others.

In a series of tweets he made on Monday, September 28, 2020, Rema talked about how he was treated by some people in the music industry and what he had to do to get where he is now.

In one of his tweets, Rema revealed that his song Why was inspired by heartbreak. He stated that he is now benefiting from the pain which he felt after his heart was broken.

He also revealed that he stole a friends laptop in 2017. Rema apologised and stated that he stole the laptop because he wanted to prove people who made fun of his pregnant mother wrong.

Rema also sent a message to “new generation artists”. “Let’s be friends genuinely… don’t let this people forcefully make us friends just to prove healthy competition and make us enemies for their own entertainment,” he advised.

In another tweet, he thanked former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama for appreciating his talent, when a lot of people couldn’t.

“Thank you Obama for seeing what I saw in Ironman, lot of niggas couldn’t. I was 18 when I made that song, the beat got 6 sounds. I’ll give that simple beat to half the game and I won’t get a record as strong as IRONMAN,” he wrote.

Rema’s hit song Iron Man, was included in Barack Obama’s 2019 summer playlist.

Below are screenshots of all of Rema’s tweets:


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