Meet Sanjeet Varindani, An Artist Driven By His Thoughts.

You might know him on Instagram as @san.dersar, he has been doing some very amazing works and they have been turning heads around.

Born and raised in Ghana, to an Indian family, Sanjeet Varindani is a freelance artist whose works have a different twist and that makes him unique.

Sanjeet studied construction in university. In his free time, he took over 5 different courses in the arts as a whole. From Photography to videography, animation, and he has done 3 levels of Photoshop.

He really doesn’t like to be identified as just a graphic designer. He sees himself as more of a fine art photographer & visual/digital artist. He got into art from a very young age, with his first digital piece of artwork dating back to when he was 7 years old.

The 23-year-old artist is inspired most by his thoughts. Bringing his ideas to life and is something that moves him to do more. As much as he does art for the fun seeing his thoughts visually represented is one of the backbones behind all the works he does.

Sanjeet sees his new environment as a tool that sparks his works of late since he just moved back to Ghana, which explains the type of works he has been releasing recently.

He is very passionate about the youth and wants to inspire them in his own way. He prefers staying low key for personal reasons and also because he feels most Ghanaian media do not treat his kind (artist) well.

He is a person with a great personality and very good at what he does.  


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