Being Inspired By Pop Smoke And Lil Baby, Taylor Jordan Releases Debut Single “Good Bye”

Taylor Jordan

Before dedicating his time to making music, Taylor Jordan was a collegiate student-athlete. But, when returning home for the holidays, the Long Island native found himself in the hospital after being part of a life-threatening car collision.

After the unfortunate incident took place, Taylor was unable to play basketball for months and he needed another way to express his creativity. Taylor soon realized music was a great outlet and he soon perfected his craft. He then later introduced his brother Kyle Jasper into his music sessions and they both gravitated to melodic trap music. Listening to musicians like Future, Lil Wayne, Drake and Michael Jackson made it easy for Taylor to adapt to today’s smooth rap and melodic trap music.

In 2020 Taylor linked up with some neighborhood friends in the studio and released his debut single “Good Bye.” Jordan explained “Good Bye” was inspired by a recent relationship which came to an end on mutual terms. With influences like A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Pop Smoke, Lil Baby, Taylor hopes to display his versatility and longevity. Squad 7 Entertainment is urging Taylor to collaborate with other artist’s as they plan on dropping more singles before working on an EP.

While speaking with Taylor’s peers about his debut single there’s a clear indication that high expectations are beginning to brew for this young man. Jordan’s team released a statement saying “this is only the tip of the iceberg for him, you can count on big things to come.”

Listen to Taylor Jordans “Good Bye

Source: Swerrrdmedia

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