Three Weird Thoughts People Had During Their Childhood

Growing up, we all had some funny, weird and sometimes true thoughts that lived in our brains for some time. Here are some of these weird thoughts.

When we swallow fruit seeds they’ll germinate in our tummies

new meme: the hungry fruit eating man :-) [OC][New Meme][Oldfags Only] :  4ChanMeta

We are still looking for the guy who wrote this down 2000years ago. How on earth can a seed germinate in the human stomach? Well, let’s just leave this for our archaeologists, to find out who told the first kid this lie.

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  1. Yo!!
    This is soo true and another one too I was told was that if I played Ampe at night, I’ll get stuck in the atmosphere. Like how on earth???!!!! I’m still looking for the scientist who taught gravity at the time.


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