5 Red Flags Often Mistaken For Love

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A lot of times, we need to really understand the type of person we are planning on dating before fully plunging ourselves into the relationship.

There are certain things people do that can be considered as cute but depending on the person we are dealing with, it could also be a red flag. Here are some of them.

1. Making dramatic promises

Dramatic promises like “I will never treat you like your ex” on the second or third day you’re chatting should be a cause for alarm especially because you probably aren’t on those terms yet. You’re both trying to figure each other out to see if you’re both a great fit. Promising things like this is just wrong.

2. Constantly texting/calling

I’m not talking about the chats that you can’t seem to get enough of. Or the calls that have you smiling all day/night and giggling like a teenager in love. I’m talking about the calls which are a little weird and you can’t wait to hang up but they still want to talk despite the fact that you may be busy. They’re always texting you and expecting responses immediately after they hit the send button even though you’re busy with work/school. This is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore!

3. They are over protective of you

This can be very flattering from the right person but can also be very toxic. It often creates a very unhealthy form of jealousy; which is a normal response to any form of threat in a relationship. Jealousy can also be a sign that your partner is controlling.

4. They want to spend all their time with you

This may feel really cute and all but is also a red flag. Don’t they have friends and family of their own? Do they enjoy their own company? Are you literally their world? Does it mean you can’t have some alone time anymore since they always want to be with you? You really need to access the situation.

I really think the talking stages is one of the most important stages of a relationship. Yes you’re both smitten by each other but you should keep your head on to access your partner before you get into a situation you cannot come out from.

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