4 Reasons Why You Need To Deep Condition Your Hair

Saturdays (or weekends) are wash days! Especially because that is when we have time to ourselves after spending the whole week at work.

Deep conditioning is one step we cannot afford to skip no matter how long it takes. Our hair in this climate is constantly dry. The key to retaining length is to moisturize and deep conditioning does just that.

Here are 4 reasons why you should deep condition your hair every washday.

1. Prevents hair damage

Whether your hair is already damaged or not, deep conditioning helps improve the general health of your hair. It contributes to reducing breakage and split ends. A lot of different brands have their own deep conditioners but for my own 4B hair which sheds easily, I use the Hair Intensive Repairing Mask from Dark and Lovely to help control the breakages. It’s made with Amla and Avocado Oils to revive damaged hair.

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